Sketchy photos of iPhone 5S packaging show redesigned home button [Updated with Higher-Quality Photos]

iphone 5s box 2

Apple’s supply chain is so vast that despite doubling down on secrecy, the company can’t contain leaks emerging from its Asian partners. Today, images of what appears to be the iPhone 5S packaging have been leaked by a Chinese site.

The images show a white colored iPhone box with the iPhone 5S running iOS 7. The colorful iOS 7 grid of icons is placed on a solid black background, which is unusual since Apple generally includes a proper wallpaper for iOS devices in all its marketing material including the box.

What is, however, the most notable thing about the image is the omission of the square in the middle of the home button as well as the strange silver ring around it, as you can see below.

iphone 5s box 1

With all the speculation surrounding the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor, specifically on the home button of the next iPhone, it seems as if the silver ring is a hint at the embedded sensor. Also interesting is that the same silver circles appeared in the iPhone event press invite, and we all know Apple likes to hide subtle clues in its invites to future announcements.


C Technology has published high-resolution photos of two photos we had published earlier along with two more more photos of the box.


Tell us what you think about the new look of the home button, as shown in the images, in the comments below.

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[C Technology via MacRumors]