Photo of Leaked iPhone 5S Quick Start guide reveals ‘Touch ID Sensor’ Home button


With less than 24 hours to go for Apple’s iPhone event where it is widely expected to unveil iPhone 5S, French website has published a photo, which appears to be the quick start guide for iPhone 5S, which is usually included in the packaging.

As you can see in the photo above, the quick start guide refers to a “Home Button/Touch ID Sensor,” which confirms that iPhone 5S will indeed come with a fingerprint sensor which will be embedded in the Home button, and Apple plans to call it the Touch ID Sensor.

It has been widely speculated that one of the major new features of iPhone 5S will be the fingerprint sensor that will allow users to unlock their device without entering the password.

The name for the sensor indicates that users will be able to unlock the device by placing their finger on the Home button rather than swiping on it. While it is difficult to figure out clearly, but it also appears that it could have the ring around the Home button, and is an integral part of the fingerprint sensor. It also looks like it won’t come with iconic square marking on the Home button.

Earlier today, Wall Street Journal also confirmed that Apple’s new iPhone will come with a fingerprint sensor. According to the report, the fingerprint sensor will be available only in iPhone 5S, and won’t be available in the less-expensive iPhone 5C, which is also expected to be unveiled at the event tomorrow.

Apple is likely to use fingerprint sensor technology from Authentec, a mobile security firm, which it had acquired last year for $356 million.

If this photo of the iPhone 5S showing the Touch ID Sensor Home button turns out to be true, then it will go down as the one of the biggest Apple related scoops of all time, as packaging showing the new feature has never leaked before.

It looks like the real deal to me. What do you think?

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at tomorrow’s media event. We will be bringing you live coverage the event so don’t forget to join our Facebook Fan pagefollow us on Twitteradd us to your circles on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

[ via AppleInsider]

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  • Frisco415

    Who cares about this stupid touch sensor. So it saves you a half a second logging onto your phone. These sensors have a high failure rate anyhow.
    Apple needs to step up their game and make their phones bigger and wider instead of trying to come out with a watch. You can just buy an iPod nano and a wristband lol.

    • Matt

      Who even said Apple are working on a watch?
      How do you know at this point what the ‘Touch ID Sensor’ entails and its full implications?
      It could be an authentication method for NFC for instance.

    • Duston Foster

      Not everyone wants a bigger and wider phone ..

      • laurnzo

        And i bet you will be the first in line when apple comes out with a wider and bigger screen. You people of full of it. I remember, before the iPhone 5 came out, people like you said the same thing about the iPhone 4s having the perfect size and no need to change the screen size. Waiting to hear from the blind apple fun boys soon…justttttttt waiting..

        • personary

          He didn’t say anything about the current screen size being perfect or what he himself prefers. He just plainly stated the fact that not everyone wants a bigger or wider phone. I know that’s the case for people with smaller hands, and those who don’t want a giant phone in their pocket.

          I think what you are neglecting to realize is that although people are content with the current size of the iPhone does not mean that they would be fine with a larger screen size as well. I’m fine either way, and do not care whether they keep it the same size or make it slightly larger. I think it’s great the way it is. I, however, do not want anything approaching the size of the Galaxy Note as I believe that is too large. Would I buy an iPhone at that size? Not if they have an option for a smaller iPhone. If that were the only option at the time, then I would have to consider all of my options. However, I can’t see Apple making a phone that large any time soon.

        • Frisco415

          I am not a nerd like you. I don’t wait in line for nada puto! Only biaches like you camp in line. I smack people like you then rob you and take your 5c!!

  • Matt

    I don’t think this is genuine. Why would the iPhone have a white wallpaper? Unless it’s a mockup? Either way the photo has a web address advertised so probably fake

    • Gautam

      It can’t be ruled out as rumors suggest that the new iPhones will come with color-matched wallpaper stickers on the display. So in case of the white iPhone, it could come with a white wallpaper sticker on the display.


      It’s real you idiot, the web address is there cos they got it first so it’s credit to them, it’s not an advertisement

    • me

      Either way the photo has a web address advertised so probably fake

      • Syphon

        How in any way does a website address say that it’s fake? It’s just as the previous person said, he’s just making sure that nobody else makes claims on his find.