Apple makes iWork, iPhoto and iMovie apps free for new iOS devices


Tim Cook today announced that Apple’s suite of iWork productivity apps — Pages, Numbers and Keynote — along with iMovie and iPhoto will be available for free to buyers of new iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

This move was expected, given that the company had made iWork for iCloud — its Google Docs rival — available to all iCloud users for free. Apple already bundles iLife apps — including iMovie and iPhoto — for free with new Mac purchases, so this move makes the company’s strategy across the two platforms consistent.


iPhoto and iMovie is available for $4.99 each, and Keynote, Numbers and Pages are available for $9.99 each in the App Store currently.

Apple makes a huge profit margin by selling hardware, so it can easily afford to offer iWork and iLife apps for free. It would help in further improving the stickiness of the iOS platform and make it another unique selling point of the iPhone and iPad.

[Image via Engadget, Verge]

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  • Ibrahim Daher

    Only for new devices? Here comes the question, what if I set up my older ipad 2 as a new ipad when upgrading will this trick work :P lol

    • Rounak Jain

      It will work only with devices that have iOS 7 flashed by Apple. Just like how it does on Macs

  • Bob Saget

    Why are they showing it on that big screen like its a new square design when it really isn’t?

    • gstar

      They aren’t. the image is cropped