Jailbreak developer Pod2G says he increasingly confident there will be an iOS 7 jailbreak

io7 jailbreak

Without making any promises or revealing too many details, noted jailbreak developer Pod2G tweeted today that he is “more and more confident” about the possibility of an iOS 7 jailbreak.” You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief from iOS owners who are curious about iOS 7, but don’t want to give up their jailbreak.
In his tweet, Pod2G writes:

Pod2G wisely didn’t make any promises about the timing of any jailbreak nor reveal any details that would lead people to believe the jailbreak would happen anytime soon. Though there always will be those over-anxious iOS owners who want their jailbreak now, most people know the drill. It’s a cat and mouse game with developers discovering vulnerabilities and Apple plugging them in subsequent updates.

With the way most jailbreaks progress, I would expect this iOS 7 one to take some time, just like the one for iOS 6 did, even with the dream team of developers who gathered together as the evad3rs. I would also expect the first version of the jailbreak to be compatible with Apple’s older devices, but not the newer ones like the iPhone 5s. Just like the iPhone 5 with its A6 chip, the new iPhone 5s with its A7 processor will pose a new challenge to jailbreak developers.

Despite the challenges, it’s good news that pod2G is optimistic. If he is confident, then we should be confident that we will see an iOS 7 jailbreak, too.

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  • Crom!

    cool beans. Would love to upgrade from 5.1.1 to 7.0 on my iphone 4

    • kron1k 

      I’d think about upgrading your iPhone…I went from a 4 to 5 and its worth it

      • Nhân Phan

        Totally agree. I’m gonna upgrade to a 5S from a 4S :D
        Somehow I only like the “S” version…

        • dasmash

          Don’t do it, the battery life on my 4s is still much better (after months and months of usage) than my 5 is brand new.

          • kron1k 

            How are you telling him to not get a 5S based on your experience with a 5? In fact I’d go from a 5 to the 5S as the new M7 chip is very intriguing

  • goze18

    nice pod2g keep up the good work :)

  • Casey


  • Casey

    A year from now maybe

  • Zathrak

    thank god – been jailbreakless for longer than i can remember

  • darkprophet2088

    we owe the evad3es a lot for all of their hard work. without them where would we be? I kno, for certain, I would have abandoned Apple’s iPhone long ago if it wasn’t for these guys. honestly, a vanilla iPhone is boring to me now and as soon as I can, I’m going to donate to their team.

  • Ibrahim Daher

    Finally some hope for me been stuck on ios 6.1.3 without jb for 3 months

    • mike

      same pain

      • Ibrahim Daher

        Yeah it’s really painful, I had to wait to ios 7 for 3 months I could have tested the new ui at least long time ago

  • zemetras@SVK

    Take your time pod2g, i would like to have JB after some 7.x. upgrade ( I`m 100% sure there will be some soon after release ) … Hopefully guys will wait with release after upgrade so Apple won`t have chance to fix it. Maybe easy for me to say with iP 5 JB on 6.1.2 but you know what I mean.

  • Notinlncuded

    I’m on 6.1.4 don’t know wether to stay there or update?

    • Zeshan Rodrigues

      Might as well update… U can’t downgrade and there’s no jailbreak yet even though they say they’re working on it… iOS 7 is smooth and u got control center

  • Abel Goddard

    Cool. Coolcoolcool. Looking forward to it!

    • MushMash

      hah, abed

  • DssTech


  • City023

    Don’t think I wanna wait 5-6 month like the last jailbreak they kept delaying for this jailbreak. iOS7 has many JB like tweaks I use. I don’t care about themes so winterboard is useless to me. Pretty sure these guys can get their big paycheck from apple, Sony or FB like other guys did in the past when they were offered jobs for being a genius at what they do.

  • MushMash

    I’ve had JB 6.1.2 on my iPhone 5 since it got out, but last wednesday i updated to the iOS 7 Golden Master, with no regrets at all (except maybe loosing the snapchat tweak “phantom”). iOS 7 is really slick and fast. So for me, iOS 7 > Jailbreak, though it wouldn’t hurt having both :D

    • papp

      how you updated to gm it is not even out yet officially

  • mustafa

    one thing I do not get is that the naming of the new devices like I understand iphone 5 is now iphone 5s but iphone 5c what will that be called next year they cant call it iphone 6c because what will they call it the year after? when 6s is out…

    • Paula Tejano

      They simply will call it iPhone 6cs.

  • Captain obvious

    Cool beans

  • joe

    an anyone confirm, if i update my JB 6.1 iphone 5 OTA when iOS7 comes out, will there be any issues?

    My phone crashes 2/3 times a day now and so ready to take a break of JB and use iOS7 until its jailbroken.

  • Рома

    Заткнитесь тут!!!

  • Рома