Jealousy: Two weeks after Apple announces a gold iPhone 5s, Samsung announces a gold GS4

Photos of Apple’s gold iPhone were leaking across the internets long before Apple officially announced the thing on September 10th, but it was still kind of a shock to see on stage for those of us who never expected the company to go in that direction. Today, just 15 days later, Samsung took to Twitter to announce not just one, but two gold versions of the Galaxy S4. Both have a gold rim around the perimeter device, replacing the silver accent of the original. One version has a pink face, the other brown.

How should you interpret this announcement? Let’s focus on where you’ll be able to buy these things. The bling bling GS4 was unveiled via a tweet from Samsung Mobile Arabia. Not Samsung UK. Not Samsung Korea. But Samsung Arabia. That tells me these devices will not leave the Middle East.

Does that mean Samsung is “copying” Apple? Technically no, since the gold iPhone 5s is an international product. At the same token, you’ve got to think that as soon as Samsung saw the first gold iPhone shells, they called a bunch of people into a room who quickly mocked up some sketches just in case the rumors ended up being true.

And that’s really where you kind of have to look at these gold Androids and appreciate Samsung agileness, that they can respond to people’s lust for gold in the span of a fortnight.

Not many companies can do that. But yeah, Apple’s gold iPhone looks great. The gold GS4, not so much.