LA schools may halt iPad program because students bypass content restrictions


Los Angeles Unified School District is rethinking its plan to hand out iPads to all the students in the district. The reason for the possible change in policy — the students are cracking the security controls and doing what they want with the devices, says a report in The LA Times.

According to report, students were allowed to bring the devices home and that is when the trouble began. Students said  “they couldn’t do anything with them” at home so they figured out how to unlock them by deleting the profile that was installed on the device. Once the profile was removed, the students were able to browse the internet, connect to social networks and stream music.

L.A. schools Superintendent John Deasy summarized it succinctly, “Outside of the district’s network … a user is free to download content and applications and browse the Internet without restriction.” L.A. Unified School District Police Chief Steven Zipperman allegedly recommended halting the distribution of the iPads until this situation can be brought under control.

The iPad program started this semester and Roosevelt High School in LA was one of the first campuses to receive the iPads. They have been in the hands of the students for about a week when the problem with securing the tablets emerged.

[Via The LA Times]

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