Low fingerprint sensor production may limit iPhone 5s shipments


Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek is the bearer of possible bad news for prospective iPhone 5s owners. In a note sent to investors on Friday, Misek said production of the iPhone 5s this year will be lower than expected.

The bottleneck for Apple allegedly is the fingerprint sensor, which is coming off the production line too slow. Misek writes that yields of the fingerprint scanner for Apple’s iPhone 5s are “terrible” and predicts this will limit production of the 5s to only 5 to 10 million units in this September quarter. In comparison, Apple is expected to produce up to 20 million iPhone 5c units and up to 8 million iPhone 4S phones.

Things may improve only slightly in the upcoming holiday quarter with Apple being able to produce 15 million iPhone 5s units, instead of the originally projected 20 to 25 million. The other iPhone models will fare better with projections of 30 million units for the 5c and up to 5 million for the 4S.

As a result of these lower than expected figures, Misek cut his 2014 iPhone shipments from 162 million down to 147 million. He also slashed his 2014 EPS estimate from $38.78 to $37.95, which is well below the Street’s estimate of $42.66.

[Via Forbes]

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