Microsoft pokes fun at Apple’s new iPhones [Update: Videos Removed]

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Microsoft seems to be obsessed with Apple, they just can’t stop attacking Apple. They have been taking a dig at the iPad in their Surface and Windows 8 ads, and recently started launched a $200 trade-in offer for the iPad.

Microsoft has just published two seven new videos on their YouTube channel, which pokes fun at Apple’s new iPhones

The videos pokes fun at iPhone 5s’ features such as fingerprint sensor, the improved camera system and the new gold color. They also take a dig at the colorful iPhone 5c, which comes with a polycarbonate casing.

The videos are titled “Fly on the wall” in Cupertino. Microsoft needs to hire the folks behind the Moto X “Lazy Phone” ad, at least they were hilarious.

Update 1:

Microsoft has removed the video from its YouTube channel. However, not before someone managed to grab it, so we’ve embedded it above.

Update 2:

Microsoft has issued the following statement to The Next Web: “The video was intended to be a light-hearted poke at our friends from Cupertino. But it was off the mark, and we’ve decided to pull it down.”


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  • md6597

    super lame

  • Dada

    Embarassing, to say the least… I looked at the Moto X ads, and they were funny.

  • Tom

    If you’re going to mock Apple at least try to be funny.

    • DJ Flea


      • Tom

        I loved the “Get a Mac” ad campaign and wish that Apple would do something similar with the iPhone against Android as whole instead of just one particular maker.

  • Jim

    It’s not really an ad… just a video. Don’t think they will be like the iPad vs. Surface ones cause they were ads.

    • Tom

      It’s an ad to get try and get you to switch from the iPhone hence the hash tag at the end.

  • BMWIIIMPower

    In true Microsoft form… they even rush their advertising out the door before anyone gets a chance to tell them it sucks. They literarily have resorted to PAYING people to pick up their Surface tablets, and I bet that isn’t even working.

  • Nast

    Should save that money for design& software engineers maybe you won’t have to beg for consumers to at least look at your product

  • Andy

    Kings loves Gold…hahahjajajaj

  • meatbizzy

    Videos are all dead

  • meh

    lame and old

  • meatbizzy

    The videos on this page do not work and are marked as private on

  • Guest

    my god 0_o r u going to mock every device they make??? dang!!! i new mock ad every week. talk about desperate :P

  • Guest

    my god 0_o r u going to mock every device they make??? dang!!! a new mock ad every week. talk about desperate :P

  • Alex Kay

  • Franklin Richards

    Yeah. Like I said earlier. Microsoft is desperate. Tripping over themselves.
    And to make matters even worse for them. It’s been confirmed by some developers that the ps4 is significantly more powerful than the xbone.
    Lets just hope who ever takes over the buffoon Steve Balmer will actually be a contributor to the tech world.

  • Turbojacket

    I love nothing more than to see these squirm ads from Microsoft.

  • Ibrahim Daher

    Shame on them how much they envy apple :P