Apple airs new iPhone 5c TV ads “Greetings”


During today’s Emmy Awards, Apple aired new TV ads for its new colorful iPhone 5c. It has just posted those ads on its YouTube channel.

Apple has essentially posted two ads and an extended version that includes clips from both the ads, which is just over 1 minute long. The ads are called “Greetings” and show people using the iPhone 5c, and speaking in various languages. The ads end with the tagline “For the Colorful.”

It is similar to the ad Tim Cook played during the September 10 iPhone event.

Apple has the following to say in the description of the video:

Say hello to the iPhone 5c. For those who don’t just love color, but love being colorful.           


Apple has released two more ads title “Plastic Perfected” and “Designed Together” for the new iPhone 5c. It is yet to promote its flagship device, the iPhone 5s, probably due to the supply constraints.

Let us know what you think of the new ads in the comments below.

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