Leaked photos of packaging for Apple’s Official iPhone 5S leather case?


HDBlog.it (via MacRumors) has spotted two photos on Chinese microblogging site, which they claim are of the packaging for Apple’s leather case for iPhone 5S.

From MacRumors:

Text on a paper insert within the packaging indicates that the case is at least partially constructed of aniline-dyed leather, similar to Apple’s Smart Covers for the iPad and iPad mini. 

As the report notes, the informational text included on the paper insert is similar to that seen on other Apple accessories, and the “iPhone 5S Case” name printed on the plastic packaging matches the styling seen on an alleged leaked box for the device itself. 

The following text is seen on the paper insert:

This case is made from natural aniline leather. Its appearance will change as you use it. […]

Compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s.


As MacRumors points out, the questionable thing is the use of the lowercase “s” in “iPhone 5S.” Apple has usually used a capital “S” when printing the names of its “S” models. The packaging also appears to be quite big, when you consider Apple’s fascination for compact/minimal packaging for its product.

Apple is expected to unveil the next generation iPhone 5S and the low-cost plastic iPhone 5C at the media event that kicks off in less than 2 hours from now. We’ll be live blogging the event, so don’t forget to join us here.

It looks fake to me. What do you think?

[Via MacRumors]

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