planetbeing: evad3rs team will start working on iOS 7 jailbreak

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Hot on the heels of iOS 7 going Golden Master (GM), planetbeing of the evad3rs jailbreak team has said that the team members have started “actively” looking at iOS 7.

The team, which includes musclenerd, pod2g and¬†pimskeks, is now seeing which exploits (that haven’t already been burned) are unpatched in iOS 7 and will contribute towards an iOS 7 jailbreak.

So why has the evad3rs team started looking at exploits only after the GM release and not during the beta phase? Well, because a lot can change during the course of the beta cycle, but, unless a major bug comes up, GM is the same build that gets released publicly.

While it’s premature to comment on when or even if an iOS 7 jailbreak will be released by the evad3rs team, planetbeing has noted that once/if iOS 7 gets jailbroken, the same exploit can be used to jailbreak iOS 6.1.x releases as well.

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