Reeder 2 RSS client for iOS hits the App Store as an all-new app for $4.99


Reeder has been one of the most popular and most loved RSS clients for iOS since its launch, but with the shut down of Google Reader most of the RSS market, including Reeder, received a lightning jolt, as the service served as a backend to almost all RSS clients.

Google Reader’s shut down brought a lot of new RSS players in the market like Feedly, Feedbin, FeedWrangler etc., and Reeder 2 is a universal app that supports many of these new RSS services along with an iOS 7 interface.

Here are the RSS services Reeder supports:

  • Feedbin syncing
  • Feedly syncing
  • Feed Wrangler syncing
  • Fever syncing
  • Readability syncing
  • Local/standalone RSS (no sync)

Of course, there’s a lot more to Reeder 2 than just the added support for these services. The app has a bunch of new gestures, new viewing modes and a fresh coat of paint to go with iOS 7’s “flat” design. Most importantly, Reeder 2 is a universal app with support for both iPhone and iPad unlike the previous version that existed as separate apps for the two devices.


Although Reeder 2 is an update over its older version, it exists as a completely new app on the App Store, which means you’ll have to pay $4.99 to buy it, even if you own previous versions. (If you’re new to the RSS world, you can still try the older version of Reeder for iPhone for free.)

Download link:

Reeder 2


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