Samsung reminds world they’ve been making golden phones since 2004, in case you care

When Samsung announced the gold Galaxy S4 mere weeks after Apple announced the gold iPhone 5s, the internet exploded. See, Samsung copies! See, Samsung has no creativity! See, Samsung is a poo poo head! Well, the South Korean handset maker has just penned a piece on their corporate blog detailing their history in golden mobile phone technology.

Starting with the newest piece of gold tech, there’s the gold Galaxy S4. A year before that, there was the “Wise 2”, which I’m assuming was a Korean only flipphone. A year before that, there was the “Wise Classic”. Spotting a theme here? Then in 2009, Samsung strangely released a phone called the Giorgio Armani, which again, came with gold accents. I could go on and on, but I won’t, I’ll just fast forward to the bottom of their list, a phone that came out in 2004 called the “Athens Olympic Phone”.

Does this mean we owe Samsung an apology? Not really. Corporations like to punch each other in the face because it makes for a good public spectacle. At the end of the day, neither care about we really think of their products.

They only care if we buy them or not.

The sad thing is you just know those gold GS4s are going to fly off store shelves.