Saurik says Winterboard might not be updated for iOS 7 unless community contributes


WinterBoard is one of the most popular jailbreak apps that allows you to download and install custom themes from Cydia to change the way your iOS device looks and feels. According to a recent reddit comment by Winterboard creator Jay Freeman aka saurik, the tool is is unlikely to be updated for iOS 7 due to the lack of third-party support.

Here’s the comment:

At this time, given that WinterBoard received no third-party help during all of iOS 6, I have very little hope in being able to support iOS 7. I need other people to tell me what to do to the engine: I am not a theme artist, I am just one of the few developers sympathetic to the needs of theme artists. However, I operate in a vacuum: theme artists don’t talk to me, and when they do they almost never talk about WinterBoard’s theme engine: instead, they complain about how their theme isn’t getting enough exposure in Cydia, or about some UI element. The closest was king_of_hill in April, but almost everything he wanted were complex feature requests (and the key ones were already taken care of by “use Cydget instead of WinterBoard to do what you are doing: WinterBoard isn’t designed for that”).

What I need are concrete bug reports (with screenshots and exact filenames) and core theming help (such as information on artwork files, or “car files”, at the level of the loader). If iOS 7 is even theme-able at all, and assuming WinterBoard can’t already theme parts of it, it is likely that WinterBoard will never manage to support those components as I doubt seriously that after four years theme artists will start taking the engine seriously.

To implement iOS 7’s completely new design language, it’s likely that Apple made a lot of underlying changes which break Winterboard. Saurik would not only need to iron out basic compatibility issues, but also implement ways to theme the new components introduced iOS 7 like the Control Center.

If saurik doesn’t get enough support to update Winterboard for iOS 7, the only way you could theme an iOS 7 device, if/when there’s an iOS 7 jailbreak, is if Dreamboard is updated.

Right now you’re probably not worried much about this, since your first concern would be if there’s an iOS 7 jailbreak. But does the thought of Winterboard not working on iOS 7 concern you?

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  • Zak

    It concerns me

  • DiabloZOe

    While I don’t want to say the JB scene is dead, it’s gotten to a point where we were hoping for a JB to expecting one! I remember watching Muscle Nerd update his blog for the latest info! I could not see using my iPad or iPhone with out one. I hope it continues unfortunately apple is stealing the tweaks that are the reason we JB making the people that made this scene not to interested anymore.

  • keepITstraight,butWORTHtheWAIT

    Its the whole reason to jailbreak in the first place for me! Im a noob, but if im gonna be stuck with these kindergarden-friendly, google-ripoff/wannabe icons forever, ill soon go insane!!!!!
    You dont gotta change what you do bro! Keep winterboard the way it is ,where as a pro could theme it good enough to convince me that my keypad done just turned to solid oak at a glance and the numbers and letters are glowing, on the other hand, its still not too complicated for rookies like me to use by reading simple instructions and slowly following along!

    • Matt

      That’s what I’m talking about.

  • Pidichtouchikus

    Since he makes money from the JB scene I have zero sympathy for him. He’s asking for “support” to update WB with no JB for iOS7 publicly available. Meanwhile, Apple’s been adding features that make a JB less and less relevant. Boo hoo.

    • Damian W

      He does not make that much…probably makes enough for living. He explained multiple times the cost of running cydia servers and paypal transactions takes a huge chunk from his income. As he said Cydia is being run for fun…it not very profitable. Having Ayecon in iOS 7 style would be nice though..but generally i don’t care for winter board since it tends to slow down iPhone and is incomplete.

  • Bob

    So even Themes community starts thinking about what this problem may cause and take it seriously so saurik can update or just they sit and watch, in both cases I’m not concerned cause I like the way iOS 7 is designed, but I care about other JB cool stuff so I hope there’ll be a JB for iOS 7

  • Pick a name

    Only jailbreak for tethering, grooveshark and backgrounding. Xcon helps work around silly attempts to block some apps.

  • City023

    Wow! Why did you guys erase my opinion I posted? I did joy swear or insulted anyone. smFh

  • City023


  • OnlyIdiotsCampInLineForiPhones

    I was against the iOS 7 but after downloading it I’ve grown to like it a lot. Despite apple stealing from the jb community I still feel we need a jailbreak for the iOS 7. We still have limited access to our phones so we do need iFile, security apps, better themes and tweaks. I miss having that iMessage typing indicator that pops up when someone is typing, being able to hide the slide to unlock,protube and so much more.
    Is the iOS 7 perfect..hell no. I just hope they fix the issue with battery life and constant reboots.

  • HiGhGuY

    YES, it concerns me. Was looking forward to completely customizing iOS7. PLEASE PLEASE update it.

  • Davie

    ISO 7 + has had major changes , but it is still an ISO .

    They will nail it , i know they will just like all other ISO’s.

    Give the men some time to destroy , play and rebuild , then and only then we can play.

    Keep at it Mr Freeman and hold your head high , do what you feel like doing , there would be nothing if it was not for that brain of yours , i know you can do it mate !!!

  • Pawnmaster

    I could not get any icons to work, then I turned on the summerboard switch in the WB settings, respring and all my themes and icons work fine now!!!