How to setup Dynamic Wallpapers on iOS 7


iOS 7 has an all-new look, and to go with the new look, there are new colorful wallpapers as well. But there’s also a whole new category of wallpapers that bring subtle animations to the home and the lock screen.

These wallpapers are called “Dynamic Wallpapers” and are almost as big a change as the time Apple allowed users to set their own home screen wallpapers in iOS 4.

In this post, we show you how to set up Dynamic Wallpapers on your iOS device running iOS 7.

  • Open the Settings app, and go to Brightness & Wallpaper.
  • Tap on the Wallpaper section
  • You’ll see “Dynamic” and “Stills” under Apple Wallpaper. Tap on the “Dynamic” tile.


  • You’ll now see a grid of dynamic bubble-based wallpapers in several colors. Select the one you like.


  • After selecting, a preview screen pops up that lets you see how the wallpaper would like on your Lock screen.
  • If you like what you see, tap on the “Set” button below. You can choose to set the wallpaper on your Home screen, Lock screen or both. Or you can simply tap cancel to select another wallpaper.


  • That’s it, press the home button to head to your home screen and you should see the animations kicking off. (Scroll to a home screen page with very few icons to best observe the effect.)

Here’s a video walkthrough of how to do it:

The animation in these wallpapers is quite subtle, however, bubbles also move based on the device’s motion. So you can move the bubbles in any direction by titling your device.

As of now, Apple doesn’t allow developers to provide custom dynamic wallpapers, so you’re stuck with the ones preinstalled in iOS 7. However, if/when an iOS 7 jailbreak releases, it’d be pretty straight forward for developers to develop custom dynamic wallpapers by using Apple’s private framework.

Tell us what you think about iOS 7’s new dynamic wallpapers in the comments below.


Dynamic Wallpapers is not available to iPhone 4 users. Here’s a list of iOS 7 features that are not available on older iOS devices.

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  • Ibrahim Daher

    Nice one :)

  • City023

    Wonder what’s the percentage of battery wasted with the still wallpaper to the dynamic wallpapaer.

    • Sean

      IOS7 will drain the battery proper – so no need to worry about your battery lasting a full day :)

      • Dan Krikorian

        Using IOS 7 now no more battery drain than normal. IN fact I am getting slightly better battery life now.

        • Alexander Reimann

          I agree, I think lots of people are screaming iOS 7 battery drain and probably haven’t even installed it yet

          • Brooke

            it does drain my battery, its insane. no dynamic wallpaper but i fully charge it and leave it alone and an hour later 20+% of battery’s missing

          • Just a guest

            You should get that checked out, this means something is seriously wrong with your battery.

          • DL

            Turn off background usage in General and settings, that is a new option that does not need to be turned on at all imo

      • Mike

        I have everything turned on that all these people are saying to turn off, and mine lasted 2 days once. I didn’t use it much the second day, but it will last all day normally.

    • sam the jew.™

      does it really matter? you have to recharge yourself every night – is it really that different to have to charge your phone every night?

  • HingleMcCringleberry


    • Gautam

      “Set their own home screen wallpapers” in iOS 4, not dynamic wallpapers.

  • JLayne2011

    I have an iPhone 4 and just got the ios 7 update. There is absolutely no option for dynamic wallpapers on my phone now. The only options are “Stills” and “Camera Roll.” Can someone help me get the dynamic wallpapers, please?

    • MdniteCreepr

      I’m thinking that this is one of the iOS7 goodies that we lowly iPhone 4 owners don’t get. I have it on available on my iPad (3rd gen), but not my iPhone 4. Ah well, it can wait until I get the 5S.

    • tehe

      same here!!

    • Jeff

      iPhone 4 does not have the option I believe for dynamic wallpapers it’s just 4s and up if I’m not mistaken… I’m sure the future jailbreak will fix that for you.. Your not missing out on anything it’s like 5 different color bubbles to choose from..

    • TechUser

      Unfortunately, the 4s does not have the necessary processor horsepower, (in all actuality, it very likely can run dynamic wallpaper just fine, but then why would you be interested in upgrading to a new 5s or 5c)?

      • random person

        I have the 4s and have the dynamic wallpaper running fine on my phone

    • Emlow11

      Download the app pamorama and set it to take 7 pics than click merge pics it will make panoramas and give you the option to make it as your background with the 4

      • Emlow11

        Im trying to make myne move it wont move im figuring it out but i know someone with a 4 who has done it

    • dabrat

      upgrade your phone, duh. You should qualify for an upgrade through your carrier by now if you’re rockin’ a 4, still

  • arlo clyne

    love the idea, but come on apple! first you drop panoramic wallpaper and now we only get the same dynamic option just in different colours! tut tut, but still a move in the right direction. :)

  • yogurtgirl

    Time to play the waiting game for new dynamic wallpapers…

  • Jeff

    I like the update except for the ‘abstract art’ look of the app icons. Other than that everything is good to go and I really love that they finally added animated wallpapers/weather..

  • terrence

    Dynamic Wallpaper not available on iPad Mini with iOS7. Just tried it. Also I’m missing all the groovy features you described in Settings > Wallpapers& Brightness. I just have one choice, the Apple Wallpaper. That’s it. It looks like a blue sea wave with small ripples. Hardly gives that neat 3D icon view Apple played up in its WWDC this June.

    • ilikepear

      There is..

      As shown:

      • terrence

        Okay. I went back in there. Did not realize I needed to press the wall papers to see the other options. Thanks for replying. Glad I returned.

  • yonathan

    i upgraded ios 7 on my iphone 4, but no dynamic wallpaper on my phone , anyone does?

    • Joe Jackson

      iPhone 4 barely runs iOS 7, simply put, your phone is too old, dynamic wallpapers will not work.

      • mb

        you are wrong..nothing wrong with ios7 on iphone4..i run it since beta 1 and without any issuses regarding hardware..dont tell ppl wrong things…

        • designkai

          iOS7 on iPhone4 is stripped down to the basics. No parallax, no true blurring (open up your command centre, the background is just lightened but not blurred at all), screen fade on lock/unlock is faked by fading to black (not fading the actual backlight), closing app animation is halved, etc…

          So no, no dynamic wallpapers on the iPhone4. It doesn’t have the battery or processor to cope with all the little animations.

    • Carissa

      Mine’s the same, let down :(

    • Jim T

      iPad 3 here. I thought also that there were no dynamic wallpapers but after reading more about them they are just hidden when you first go to the selection page.

      Just select the current wallpaper you are now using and another page will pop up showing the dynamic wallpapers. Select one if you see one you like or just back out.

  • SCK

    Yeah, but if you have an image you were previously using as wallpaper then iOS 7 breaks it. Completely.

  • Brad

    HOW lame Apple? The most BORING dynamic wallpapers EVER?!

  • Schmildo

    If you are too stupid to figure out how to enable the wallpaper without instruction, then is it not also fair to say that you are also unlikely to be able to maintain concentration long enough to read and follow the article written here? I’m not a frequenter of this site but if this article is an indicator of commonly found content then I would say that “iPhone hacks” is a misnomer and the site is merely a substitute for a user manual thanks to Apple’s aversion to producing written content.

    • Martin

      shmildo – don’t be a douche.

      • Schmildo

        Lol sorry couldn’t help myself, I had to troll. I was looking for custom wallpaper info also; regarding apple products, google only ever returns results from blogs and forums with very basic info. It gets my gander up.

    • Dar33

      I was hoping to discover how to set custom ones seeing as many are available on app stores. Turns out you can’t. Shame on you apple.

  • Jay

    So basically just a rip off from androids live wallpaper… Tut Tut

    • Dar33

      Without the option to develop yeah.

  • Aliss

    I want some that are just not bubbles :/ add more choices apple!

  • duda

    someone help!!!
    I usually have 2 wallpapers, the lock screen one and the home one… and I am not having the “home”option just the lock one…
    I want to have 2 wallpapers

  • Bec

    I am finding with normal wallpapers it won’t allow me to zoom in and out and set the part of the image I want like in earlier iOS versions. The wallpaper is from a wallpaper app but is square. On my ipad mini with iOS 7 it auto zooms in too far on the image and I can scroll it over and change which part it is zoomed to but I can’t zoom out and fit in more of the image. Any ideas? I tried cropping it to the right size and scaling it in the editing but neither seemed to help although I’m not sure I scaled it to the right size.

    • Bec

      It’s not working and is zooming in on screenshots too and those should be the right size.

  • Wolfgang Loss-Wells

    What I want to know is how to create custom dynamic wallpapers…

    • Peter

      I’m busy trying to crash test a basic Argyle design in as many formats as Adobe can deliver. I’ll let you know if anything works…

    • Tiaaz

      Did u even read this article?

  • Saif

    I am using iphone 4 and I have installed the new ISO 7 on my phone but I don’t have dynamic wallpapers, I have only the stills

  • Anonymous

    In my settings in wallpapers, it doesn’t even say ‘dynamic’ it just has ‘stills’ ?

  • Sacco Svd

    Dynamic wallpapers are the answer, not parallax. Parallax is gimmicky and users tend to move their hands like idiots just to see it. Cool new dynamic wallpapers would be awesome.

  • Matt DeFeo

    Damn, I really want custom dynamic wallpapers :(

  • grrrrrrr

    It sucks they are all the same just in different colors! I WANT 3RD PARTY SUPPORT FOR DYNAMIC WALLPAPERS ALREADY APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saskia

    I wish I could have swimming fish and the sound and view of rimpling water when you touch it, like on Android (Active wallpapers). So weird Apple never provided that, they are so damn strict with everything. I can’t even downgrade my iPad. Like it’s their iPad and not mine. I bought it, I should own it and be able to do with it what I want. Even mess it up if I would want that.

  • brb

    I like the 5S but if users and developers can’t create and install their own dynamic wallpapers, this is a breathtakingly stupid feature. The 7 wallpapers provided are all variations of the same exact thing and none of them look particularly good if you ask me. The effect is also so subtle you barely even notice it, really. It’s even worse if you apply the parallax effect to a non-dynamic image. If you really really watch it hard, the image shifts around just the slightest bit as you tilt your phone. If you weren’t look for you’d hardly even notice. I don’t mind this feature in concept but just terrible, terrible implementation.

  • 0s1r1s

    You neglected to mention that Dynamic wallpaper is only available on the iPhone5.

    • 0s1r1s

      nevermind, I see you’ve added a footnote.

  • Soccer swag 02

    On my iPhone I have iOS7 but I don’t have dynamic wallpaper

  • Steve

    Wow… Revolutionary