Before and After: A look at how iOS 7’s flat design has inspired Third-party Apps

iOS 7 is known for its flat design, which takes the textures, bezels and gradients out of the UI and replaces them with simple and clear design elements. Apple set the trend for flat design in iOS 7 and app developers are following the Cupertino company’s lead. Check out the images below and see how some apps have changed their iOS 6 design and replaced it with an iOS 7 look and feel.

Flat design places functionality over style as the cornerstone of its design ethos. The most common design change is the removal of bars and raised buttons from the UI. The bars are gone, and the buttons have been replaced with text or arrows.

Color is used to draw your eyes to something important, not to make things look pretty. Images are used when the app calls for it and they often have a transparent appearance. It’s a much different look from the days of green felt and wood that graces Apple’s GameCenter app.

eBay for the iPhone

It’s the popular auction bidding and listing app, now with a new look and some improvements under the hood that’ll  make it easier to find items to spend your hard- earned money on.



Our favorite offline reader gets a makeover for iOS 7. The latest version is not yet available in the iOS App Store, but it is coming soon.



IFTTT online automation tool lets you create recipes with ease in its new iOS 7-inspired UI. A few bug fixes in this  latest version will help performance of the app.



RecordOrders is a business tool that allows you to keep track of orders without finding a pencil and sone paper.



You can view even more of these dramatic changes over at TapFame, where they are compiling a long list of before and after shots. When you are done browsing through the screenshots, head into the comments and let us know what you think about iOS 7. Do you love the new design or is it abhorrent?

[Via TapFame]