SNES Emulator sneaks into the App Store, download before it gets pulled

Another emulator, this time for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, has sneaked into the App Store in the form of a file management app called “Remote File Manager.”

The app lets you view your remote files hosted on an FTP server or stored in your Dropbox account, but if you open an SMC file (SNES ROMs) from your Dropbox or FTP server, the app should open the SNES emulator instead of the usual file viewer.

The emulator works in both portrait and landscape mode, and is made for iPhone and iPad. The only downside seems to be the requirement to stay online while playing since you’re accessing the ROM from a remote server.

snes emulator

You might think that if developers of the app are taking a risk, they may as well include support for other retro gaming platforms, but the app only supports SNES ROMs.

If you’d like to have a non-jailbreak, permanent way of playing SNES games on your iPhone or iPad, you should quickly purchase this app for $.99. If you do purchase it, remember to sync your iOS device with your PC/Mac so that the .ipa file is backed up on your hard disk. We expect Apple to take it down very soon.

Download link:

Remote File Manager – $0.99

[via Lifehacker, Toucharcade]

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  • zero____

    has anyone tried this yet???? i’ve always found snes emulators on iphone uncomfortable do to the control scheme. Personally i’d prefer a good nes emu

    • natjsb

      This works with third party game controllers, including the popular iCade. So *IF* you happen to have one, then it’s worth it for a cent app. :)

      • RedWing

        That’s good to know. The app itself doesn’t say anything about it, so I never suspected it.

  • md6597

    It works well.
    Controls are a little wierd.

    • Steveo

      Whats a good place to find the smc files? I bought the app but can’t seem to find any files.

      • md6597

        Google snes roms. Coolrom. *dot* com

        • Steveo

          Thanks! I got Super Mario World to work! I also downloaded Star Fox, but it played super choppy. Anyone else have that problem? I’ll keep trying stuff though!

  • Daniel Octavio Rivera Pineda

    Does it works with skydrive accounts?

  • GameBud

    Is there any way of setting up an ftp server on your own device with another app and then connecting to it with local host? It’d be weird, but it would get around the problem of trying to play without network access.

  • Slick

    crazy how they always sneak emulators in apps hahahah super nice keep it comin !!

  • Frank

    Where do I find games for this app and how does it work once you find them?

  • Floyd Dehanne

    BUSTED! Apple took it down already :(