Sprint offering $100 discount on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c to new customers, plans to launch “Sprint One Up” early upgrade program

A leaked document has revealed that Sprint is gearing up to launch its early upgrade upgrade program called “Sprint One Up” on September 20, the launch day of the new iPhones.

Sprint is the only carrier among the top four carriers in the U.S, not to offer an early upgrade program.

CNET who managed to get access to the leaked document provides the details about Sprint’s One Up program:

All of the carrier programs principally work the same, with a few nuanced differences. Sprint’s One Up lets customers pick up a phone with no money down and pay for the device in 24 monthly installments. A phone that costs $649.99, for instance, will cost $27 a month (with the difference tacked on to the 24th payment). If a customer leaves the service early, that person is on the hook for the balance of the device cost, due the following month. 

After a year, a customer can upgrade to a new phone by trading in the device. A customer signs up for One Up with an Unlimited, My Way or All-In plan. One Up provides a $15 discount, which allows for an unlimited talk, text, and data plan that costs as little as $65 a month. 


CNET also reports that customers who have been on a contract for at least a year with Sprint are also eligible for the program, however they will have to trade in their existing device. Prepaid customers won’t be eligible for the program.

Sprint’s early upgrade program appears to be more like the T-Mobile’s JUMP program as it offers customers a discount on the service plans in exchange for the monthly installments. Sprint claims that the One Up program will save customers $220 compared to T-Mobile’s JUMP in the first year. However, as we’ve pointed out, you don’t end up saving a lot with these early upgrade programs. It’s also worth noting that if by any chance, you don’t want to upgrade to a new device every year, you’ll end up spending a lot more by opting into these upgrade programs.

Sprint is also offering a $100 discount to new customers on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Under this promotion, with a two-year contract, iPhone 5s will be available for $99, $199 and $299 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. iPhone 5c will be available for free and $99 for 16GB and 32GB models. 8GB iPhone 4S will also be available for free, but we doubt anyone will go for it, since 16GB iPhone 5c is available for free as well.


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