T-Mobile Offering iPhone 5c for $0, iPhone 5s for $99 Down Payment


T-Mobile has officially announced its pricing for the latest lineup of iPhones, selling the iPhone 5s for $99 down payment and the iPhone 5c for $0 down.

If you buy a 16GB iPhone 5s from T-Mobile, you’ll have to pay $99 down payment followed by 24 monthly instalments of $22.91 each. This totals to $648.84, which is (nearly) the same price you’d pay if you buy a factory unlocked iPhone 5s from Apple.

Similarly, for the 16GB iPhone 5c, you’ll be paying 24 monthly instalments of $22 each, but notably, there’s $0 down payment. The total cost you’d pay over a period of two years is $528, which is $20 cheaper than Apple’s $549 price tag for the same device.

As with other carriers and retailers, T-Mobile will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5c from September 13th, 3:01 am EST (12:01 am PT).

T-Mobile has set up special pages for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, where you can know more about the two devices and sign up for email updates.

[via MacRumors]