Top Five Reasons to Install iOS 7 on your iOS device


Apple unveiled iOS 7 back in June at WWDC 2013, and the update is rolling out  to the public on Wednesday, September 18th. You’ve heard about all the new features and even may have watched the keynote introduction and the overview videos. Some have called it the biggest change to the iPhone since the iPhone, but you still may not be sold on the update. If you are still on the fence about installing iOS 7, here are five reasons to install the update onto your device.

Goodies Galore

iOS 7 includes several major features and a bunch of smaller ones. Some of my favorite goodies include Control Center, which gives you quick access to a handful of controls and apps like a Airplane mode, WiFI, Bluetooth, music playback controls, a flashlight and more. There’s also a new Spotlight search that is accessed by swiping your finger down in the middle of any home screen panel. Throughout the beta period, this is the feature that I used the most. And if that isn’t enough, there are some additional features that Apple didn’t announce, but add to the overall experience of the OS.


You’ll never miss a beat with the revitalized notification center

iOS 7 builds upon the notification center that was introduced in iOS 5 and slightly tweaked in iOS 6. Notifications in iOS 7 has a new translucent background that lets you see parts of the app underneath. There’s a new “Today” tab, “All” tab and “Missed” tab that lets you view different types of notifications. The Today tab is the most useful with the current weather, reminders stocks, upcoming events and a brief summary of tomorrow’s agenda. It’s not perfect, but it’s leap and bounds better than what we had in iOS 6.


Photos take on a new life with new smart groups that are organized by time and location

The new Photos app is another area that saw a major overhaul in iOS 7. No longer a linear gallery of photoe, the new Photos app now organizes your photos into groups bases on when and where you took your photos. It’s overwhelming and a bit confusing at first, but once you get used to the terminology, you’ll appreciate the organization that groups your photos into meaningful collections.


Start in Siri. Stay in Siri. Now that it is out of beta.

Siri is smarter and more attractive in iOS 7. Just like the notifications and Control Center, the new personal assistant is now translucent and blends into the content that’s on your screen. Siri can now help you answer calls, control iTunes Radio and pulls information from even more sources. Siri is officially out of beta, which means its performance is up to Apple’s high standards.


iTunes Radio will be music to your ears

iTunes Radio is Apple’s long-rumored streaming music service. It’s similar to Pandora in that it lets you listen to stations that you create. There’s also featured stations like 90s Dance Hits, Trending music on Twitter and more. It’s free and ad-supported for all iOS users. Customers that pay $24.99 for iTunes Match will get access to an ad-free version. And hey, The Beatles are on iTunes Radio now so you can’t go wrong updating for iOS 7 just for this feature.



The new iOS 7 is simple, it’s beautiful and you’ll wonder in a few weeks how you could have used your iPhone without it. Download it, you won’t be disappointed.

Let me know what are your top five reasons to install iOS 7 in the comments below.