Transform your iPhone 5 to an iPhone 5s with this vinyl skin for $24

iPhone 5s inventory is severely constrained right now, but if you want to own one right away — or at least want your friends to think you own one — you can buy a $24 conversion kit to upgrade to your iPhone 5’s casing to look like an iPhone 5s.

The folks at Mobile Fun are selling the iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s conversion kit for $24, in all iPhone 5s colors including the much coveted golden color:

Give your iPhone 5 an upgraded look by applying these fitted iPhone 5S style skins in Gold.

The skin is made from “high quality vinyl” to replicate the iPhone 5s’ look, with a metallic ring around the home button to mimic the Touch ID fingerprint sensor included in the iPhone 5s.

The vinyl skin is cut precisely to fit the iPhone 5 and adds just 1mm of extra thickness so that it doesn’t break compatibility with any of your cases or protective covers. It also includes cutouts for the Lightning port, the power button, the volume and mute buttons as well as the camera and flash so that none of the your iPhone’s functionality is affected.

The installation procedure seems fairly straightforward, as shown in the video embedded below:

While this obviously doesn’t add new iPhone 5s features like the improved camera or the fingerprint sensor, if you’re looking to buy an iPhone 5s solely for the new color options, this seems like a much better choice.

The iPhone 5s skin is available in Space Grey, Silver and Gold, and can be bought for $24 each. Tell us what you think about the conversion kit in the comments below.