Here’s a trick to bypass iPhone 5s Touch ID’s five fingerprint limit


When we showed you how to set up and use iPhone 5s’ Touch ID fingerprint sensor, we told you that you can add only five fingerprints.

If you’ve already added 5 fingerprints to your iPhone 5s, you may have noticed that the “Add new fingerprint…” option is greyed out.

But, YouTube user Note Suwanchate has discovered a cool trick that allows you bypass iPhone 5s’ Touch ID’s five fingerprint limit.

The trick is to use multiple fingers while you’re adding a fingerprint rather than just one finger. Touch ID can’t figure out the difference, so it accepts it. After you’ve successfully added a fingerprint using multiple fingers, you’ll be able to use all the fingers to unlock the device.

Here’s the video where we demonstrates it.

In some ways, it is a lot more efficient way to add your fingerprints to device than doing it one by one.

Please note that the error rates will be higher with this method. We’re also being told that by doing this we’re registering a wide range of acceptance for each finger, which may make it less secure. I guess it may be better to wait for the iOS 7 jailbreak to remove this restriction.

Thanks Alan for the tip!

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  • natjsb

    Even more convenient actually. But you this somehow makes it easier for someone to sneak into your phone’s content while you’re asleep.

    • Kiwiholden

      But still not as easy as watching someone use there pin then getting in while they sleep without touching them

  • Brad Hodson

    I assume the error rate is higher since it isn’t scanning one print as thoroughly as is designed.

    I could be wrong, however.

  • Johnny

    Adding more than one fingerprint to one slot works but not all the time, 30% of the time it said try again.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson

    ill just wait for the jailbreak to allow as many as i need

  • Diego Timido

    It did make it less accurate for me, so this is what I did to overcome that. Fingerprint 1 & 2 (whole hands). Fingerprints 3 & 4 (Thumbs){b/c I used them more frequently}. Fingerprint 5 (Forefingers Left and Right) {b/c I use them slightly less often than the thumbs}. **Make sure with every tap while programming your fingerprint, you lean your fingers left-right and forward to allow for a variety of finger positions. Now it works like a charm every single time. Thanks for the tip dude!!

  • Steve

    awesome video – very helpful.