How Twitter responded to the iPhone 5s and 5c announcement


On the day Apple announced its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, both rival and allies took to Twitter to ride the wave of publicity surrounding the Cupertino company’s new products. As pointed out by Buzzfeed and The Verge, it was a mixed bag of playful commentary and sponsored ads.

On the sponsored side of the equation, companies like Nokia UK, Samsung, LG and Windows Phone bought Twitter ads that appeared on timeline searches for “Apple” or “iPhones.” Even carriers like Verizon Wireless jumped into the mix, running ads for its wireless network that were tied to the term “Apple.” These targeted tweets were a savvy move for companies trying to get some eyeball time on iPhone related tweets, which were flying by at a rate of 25,000 tweets per minute.

Outside of the sponsored tweets, there was a flurry of unsolicited commentary that ranged from humorous to slightly scathing. Everybody seemed to take part including Nokia UK, Motorola, Samsung and even fast food chains like McDonald’s and Denny’s.

Check out a sampling of these tweets below and let us know what you think of this marketing push in the comments.

[Via Buzzfeed and The Verge]

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  • Matt

    Lol. My favourite is “immigration is flattering”. Great for Apple that all modern smartphone companies copied the iPhone then

  • Matt

    The thing is, at the end of the day, it’s down to is as consumers. We’re the ones who buy apple products. We love them! Debatable of course but the are the best! Seamless and flawless. So companies are just trying to look cool by mocking. It’s cool. Not as cool as true in ovation though. If the iPhone 5S and 5C don’t sell then I guess we can all assume for ourselves that some of these ads have any amount of truth or tact. Long live Apple.

  • aasdsa

    yes, there are other phones that take great pics and in general do nice stuff…we buy the iOS though.. ;)

  • Danny

    Lost my iPhone 5 a month ago. Then replaced it with an s4 for the time being but it turns out to be the best thing I ever did.

    • John

      Lost a $640 phone and replaced it with another $640 phone AND it was the best thing you ever did? Are these android fanbois this stupid?

      • bcsc

        Is this a grammar attack? Otherwise what you said makes zero sense.


    Bottom line apple are trendsetters everything these other phones do whether its the galaxy Nokia htc are pattern behind apple and It don’t matter to me #iphoneforlife 5s can’t wait

    • bcsc

      Really? Like the M7 chip being added so that Apple can have the functionality of the S4’s S Health? Or the wide color palette of phones? Or the new option to take stills while recording Video, as Windows Phone and Android have done for years? Maybe you mean toggles in Control Center? Or could it be how they are light years ahead of everyone with their camera (Except Sony, Samsung, Nokia and HTC)? Ok, I got it, you mean the fingerprint scanner that Apple introduced. Crap wait nevermind Motorola did that in 2011. Now i’m confused, what part of Apple is trendsetting exactly? My grandpa used to be trendsetting too, but that was a long time ago. Apple lost their lead with the S2.

  • What?

    Where’s Samsung’s?