Web logs reveal Apple is already working on iOS 8


As we reported earlier, websites are reporting a surge in traffic from iOS 7.x devices, and, in one case, Mac Rumors reports that they’ve even received a few hits from an iOS 8 device. Almost all of these hits are coming from IP addresses associated with Apple and its Cupertino campus.

According to MacRumors, iOS 7.0.1 started appearing in early August with an increasing number of hits in the intervening weeks. This version will likely hit devices in the coming weeks and include bug fixes for the public release version of iOS 7.

iOS 7.0.2 is reportedly a newcomer to the scene, appearing only in the last week or so. Another infrequent visitor is iOS 7.1 which has only been spotted a handful of times. These limited number of visits suggests these two versions are still in the very early stages of development. They likely are installed on a small number of devices and have not been deployed internally on a wider scale yet.

MacRumors reports that devices running iOS 8 started showing up in the logs at the very end of August.

The shipping version of iOS 7 made its way into the hands of developers last week and is slated to make its public debut on Wednesday, September 18th. Are you excited for the launch? Do you plan to upgrade right away?

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