Amazon working on Apple TV-like media device for the holiday season


Amazon has some big plans for the holiday shopping season. It recently refreshed its Kindle lineup of e-readers and is supposedly working on a soon-to-be-launched set-top box that’ll stream media from Amazon right into your living room.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the set-top box will take on other media streaming devices like those offered by Roku and Apple. The device will pull content from Amazon’s current streaming video catalog that is available with its Amazon Prime membership. Current Prime customer can watch their content on an HDTV, but they must use a third-party device from Roku or Tivo. This new device would bring it all back home to Amazon by allowing the retailer to stream its content directly to its own hardware.

Besides media, Amazon’s set-top box may also support games and apps from other vendors. The retailers plans to launch the device in time for the holiday shopping season and is seeking partners to help launch the device. It may be a bonus year for TV fans as Apple is rumored to be working on another version of its Apple TV. Details are sparse on Apple’s plans, but the company may unveil a new TV streaming device when it unveils its next generation iPads at an event thought to be held in mid-October.

If you had a choice, would you pick an Amazon Prime-connected device over one that is tied to iTunes?

[Via WSJ]