Analyst: 64-bit A7 chip paves the way for a 13-inch iPad-laptop hybrid


According to AppleInsider, Ben A. Reitzes of Barclays Capital told investors that he believes Apple eventually will use the 64-bit A7 chip in a powerful 13-inch iPad which will blur the boundary between tablet and laptop devices.

Reitzes says the power of the A7 lies not in the iPhone 5s, but in hardware down the line that’ll take full advantage of 4GB of RAM. The introduction of the A7 now will encourage the development of apps compatible with the 64-bit architecture. When Apple is ready to roll out a version of the A7 in a laptop form factor, there will be a bevy of apps that’ll need just a little modification to run on this concept device.

To support his claim of a more robust, notebook-like iPad, Reitzes points to Apple’s decision to offer iWork for free with each new iOS device as a move towards a hybrid device that’s capable of both work and play. Such a device may cannibalize Mac sales, but that segment has never been a strong market for Apple. This new product, though, could boost Apple by grabbing up to 25 to 30 percent of the current notebook market.

A few weeks ago, this rumor of a larger iPad was rekindled when a report from United Daily News claims Apple was working with Quanta on a 12-inch iPad. This rumor followed on the heels of another rumor from the Wall Street Journal, which claimed Apple is exploring a tablet up to 13-inches in order to meet consumer demand for large-screened devices.

[Via Apple Insider]

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  • Pacomacman

    I’ve always thought Apple would merge iOS and Mac OS to compete with Surface. Be afraid Microsoft, be very afraid…

    • viess

      I somewhat doubt Apple will merge iOS and OSX, but if Apple does, than yes – M$ is doomed obviously

  • Microsoftjunkie

    So “Air” isn’t enough? I dint know if apple said this or just reading some random comment, but i thought Apple said touch on a laptop isn’t necessary?

    If so, why the change of heart? Is apple changing their desktop model with this, “Arm”.

  • Dennis

    I hope iPad 6/7 will be powerful enough for OSX so I can dock it and use as a powerful enough “laptop”. To this I want the iWatch with sim slot which connects seamlessly to this “big IPad”. No iPhone in this setup.

    Unfortunately I today need 16GB of RAM in my laptop for all VM usage and that Apple probably won’t allow even in a dockable OSX-iPad7. Now I need to go with 15″ Macbook Retina because of the RAM need while I would have preferred a 16GB Macbook Air.