Apple adds CableLabs executive Jean-François Mulé to its employee lineup


Apple has a new engineering director, and he has an interesting past. The new hire, Jean-François Mulé, hails from CableLabs, an R&D venture sponsored by the big name cable companies in the US.

As spotted by Multichannel News, Mulé joined Apple in September as an engineering director. He doesn’t go into details about his position, but does confirm he is “challenged, inspired and part of something big”.

Mulé’s background should be interesting to those who are holding out a TV-related product. As noted by Multichannel News, Mulé has been deeply involved in both wired and wireless services, IP voice, streaming video and other cable-oriented technologies. Most recently, he was in California working in CableLabs new R&D center.

What Mulé will be doing at Apple isn’t clear, but we do know that Apple has been rumored to be working on a TV product. Though it has yet to materialize, the idea of a TV-focused product from Apple is not a stretch as both the late Steve Jobs and Tim Cook dropped hints about the absmyal state of living room technology and a possible solution that’ll crack the industry wide open. With Jean-François Mulé on board, maybe some of those innuendos will turn into realities.

[Via MacRumors and Multichannel News