Apple Mac shipments fall as PC industry continues to struggle


Both IDC and Gartner posted their quarterly sales estimates for the PC industry, and the results do not paint a pretty picture for Apple. According to both analyst groups, Apple’s Mac sales in the US are declining year over year.

According to IDC, Mac sales were down 11.2 percent year over year in the third quarter of 2013. This decline mirrored a similar trend in the PC industry as a whole, which showed a 0.2 percent slide. In IDC’s estimates, Apple is the number three PC vendor in the US with 11.6% market share. It is eclipsed by Dell which grabs 21.2% of the US PC market and HP which accounts for 27% market share.


Gartner’s figures paint a much different picture for both Apple and the PC industry. According to Gartner, Apple sales slipped a small 2.3 percent, while the PC market actually went up 3.5 percent. Apple sits in the number three position in the US with 13.4% market share. The Cupertino company trails Dell which has 21.0% of the market and HP with 26.9%.


Despite the differences in the two estimates, both groups agree that Apple Mac sales are on the decline in the US and are no longer outpacing the PC industry.

Apple’s sales on an international scale are not included in either IDC’s or Gartner’s estimates as the company is not one of the top five PC vendors in the world.

[Via Gartner and IDC]