This is the best iWatch concept we’ve seen till now

nike inspired iwatch

We’ve seen a number of iWatch concept designs till now, some good, some not so good and some downright impractical. But this iWatch concept made by Thomas Bogner is possibly one of the best concepts we’ve seen so far.

Bogner’s concept takes inspiration from the Nike+ FuelBand, which straps around your wrist and has the display integrated into the band rather than having a separate display unit.

iwatch concept

Here’s what Bogner says about the concept on Dribble:

I really liked the idea of wrapping the Interface around the wrist and have something like the clickwheel rotating around my arm. The main problem is, I love the form-factor of the fuel band but would it be practical to read more text than “GOAL” or even interact with it?

The use of a sliding interface to display different types of apps or UI elements looks quite neat and different.

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