DisplaySearch: Apple may launch 4.7-inch & 5.7-inch iPhones, 12.9-inch iPad, Retina MacBook Air, iWatch, 55-inch & 65-inch Television sets in 2014


NPD DisplaySearch reports that according to their supply chain sources, Apple is gearing up to revamp the displays for a majority of its product lines over next year.

NPD DisplaySearch reports:

Based on supply chain research, we believe Apple is planning to revamp nearly all of the displays in its products over the next year. This would indicate that Apple, once again, intends to count on display technology for new product innovation. 

Based on the supply chain research, they speculate that Apple may launch the following new products:

  • iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch (1280×720 resolution) and 5.7-inch display (1920×1080 resolution). There have been several rumors that Apple is working on iPhones with bigger displays. Even if Apple does end up launching iPhones with bigger screens, I expect Apple to continue offering the 4-inch iPhone.
  • iPad 5 with the same Retina display like iPad 4 (2048×1536 resolution), iPad mini with Retina display (2048×1536 resolution) and a 12.9-inch iPad with 2732×2048 resolution. The report also claims that iPad 5 will come with thinner bezels when held in portrait mode like the iPad mini. This is in line with rumors we’ve heard so far.
  • A new 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina display (2304×1440 resolution).
  • 4Kx2K Apple Television sets with 55-inch and 65-inch screen. There have been several rumors and speculations that Apple will launch its own branded television set ever since Steve Jobs biography revealed that he had finally figured out a way to create an integrated television set that is easy to use.
  • iWatch with 1.3-inch or 1.63-inch flexible AMOLED display.


If these speculations turn out to be accurate then 2014 is going to be exciting year.

[DisplaySearch via CNET]

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  • JD

    4.7″ iphone is already a stretch, but would be nice if apple would make an iphone that big. But 5.7″ iphone is nothing more then a dream that will never come true.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      I don’t believe Apple would make a 5.7″ phone either, but I wouldn’t want one anyway. 4.7″ is already huge. For me, 4.3″-4.5″ would be the maximum.

  • HiGhGuY

    4.7″ would be PERFECT. However, if they only do 720P, that would be a major fail. it needs to be 1080P minimum to be considered top of the line.

    • estellahorlacher

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      I really hope they won’t get smaller than 13″ for the bigger model.

    • Pacomacman

      I think your right, surely Apple would jump to 1080p for both models. For the sake of standardization their is little or no point in giving developers even more headaches than is necessary. Then again I no longer think that making life easy for developers is uppermost in Apples mind. Fragmentation can make or break a device which plagued Windows Mobile and now Android so Apple need to tread carefully.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    12″ Macbook Air? I hope that’s the successor of the 11″, not the 13″. They could fit a 12″ screen in the same frame with a thinner bezel. That’d be nice. Same for the 13″, a 14″ display would fit in there.
    I really hope they won’t get smaller than 13″ for the bigger model.

    • Apple Fanboy

      Ive always planned to buy mb air but since the mb wd retina display came out, im patiently waiting for mb air to have it also.

  • Riot

    Seeing as it’s apple, they will probably block any blu ray players from being hooked up to the tv (since “blu ray is a bag of hurt”)

    • bcsc

      Ah, the eternal un-wisdom of Steve

  • Jeff

    I have been waiting patiently for an 5.5 – 6.0 inch iPhone. Still holding onto my 3GS because I wanted a larger screen.

    If Apple does not have a 5.5+ inch screen in 2014, I will be going to an HTC MAX or Galaxy Note 3….Goodbye Apple if you let me down !

    Very sad that Apple is missing a large middle age demographic with their small iPhone thinking :-(

    • Indie centric

      I’m almost certain that your reason for still owning a ancient 3GS is strictly because apple doesn’t have a 5.5 screen ..so you been patiently waiting for 5 years!? …being how low the resolution on that screen is I doubt your basing your reasons just on “screen size” alone..I hate ancient trolls like you always looking for a stone to throw.

      • Jeff

        To be honest, I seriously looked at the iPhone4 and the iPhone5. Other than the front facing camera the newer iPhones to not give me much more bang vs. my 3GS.

        I have had my “upgrade” option available for years, but see no reason to change my 32GB 3GS just for a front facing camera. The other features are simply not a strong enough insentive for me to move. (my 3GS is fast enough for me and I have plenty of memory).

        That is why, when my 3GS fails, or if I need a new battery, I will move to a Galaxy Note 3 or HTC MAX….So, I guess there is some time for Apple to come out with a 5.7 inch phone (rumor).
        I am glad people like Indie keep apple afloat while I wait for a product which will meet my needs.

        Trust me, if I was “throwing stones” at Apple, I would not be waiting this long. I actually like Apple and my wife has an iPhone 4S and sone has an iPhone 5.

        But, I am still being patient and want my 5.7″ phone…I still feel that Apple is missing out on a whole middle age demographic who do not like small screen sizes. (Zooming in in annoying and does not cut it !)
        The Apple idea of ONLY one hand use sounds like a marketing excuse to me for some other technical issues Apple may be having. (maybe application compatability for larger screens)…I am not sure.
        In either case, ancient trolls also have money to spend and we can decide how to spend it :-) That is what makes competition good :-)