How to automatically dial extensions on your iPhone

If you regularly call people with extensions in their phones numbers using your iPhone, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a much easier way to call them than manually dialling the extension each time.

Here’s how you can set up automatic extension dialling on your iPhone.

  • Open the “Contacts” tab in the Phone app and tap on the + button at the top-right to create a new contact.
  • Enter your contact’s first name and/or last name.
  • When you come to the phone number field, you should see a dial pad appear. Enter the phone number without the extension and then tap on theĀ “+*#” key.
  • From here you can enter +, * or #, but you’ll also see dedicated buttons for pause and wait.
iphone extension 1
  • Many phone lines would want you to wait before you dial an extension, so you can tap on the pause key and then enter the extension. (The pause key inserts a comma into the phone number, and you can hit it multiple times if the wait is long.)
iphone extension 2
  • You can also tap on the Wait key in case you’re not sure how long you have to wait until the phone line asks you for an extension. In this case, you’ll need to tap the dial button again for the extension to be entered. (The Wait key inserts a semicolon.)
iphone extension 3

And that’s it. Tap “Done” to save, and the next time you call this contact his or her extension will be automatically dialled.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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