iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 Untethered Jailbreak: Update and ETA


Few days back, iH8sn0w, developer of jailbreak tools such as Sn0wbreeze had confirmed that a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 was indeed in the works.

If you have been waiting for the iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak, then we’ve another update for you.
iH8sn0w reports that he has got the kernel dump for all the iPads running iOS 6.1.2. He explains why the kernel dump for iOS 6.1.2 was needed:

The 6.1.2 kernel dumps are crucial for locating specific functions within the kernel that are static between iOS 6.1.x kernel builds. This means functions such as “_START” within the kernel, are located at the same location in 6.1.2 kernels and 6.1.3 kernels.

So, why do we need these? Simple. We need some static offsets for functions within the 6.1.2 kernel to utilize them in the 6.1.3 kernel, and dump the actual 6.1.3 kernel.

They now need the kernel dump for the iPad running iOS 6.1.3 to make the untethered binary for the iPads. The untethered binary is ready for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.

The 6.1.3 kernel is more essential as some kexts such as the sandbox kext, signature check kexts [AMFI], etc, are not static and tend to shift its location on every recompile.

If you’ve an iPad running iOS 6.1.3 then please head over to iH8sn0w’s blog for the instructions on how you can help.

It also looks like there is quite a bit of work to be done so don’t expect the iOS 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak to be released anytime soon.

ETA for it is before 2014. When release is close, we’ll tweet it. (Please don’t bother tweeting asking for an ETA/progress).

winocm has reiterated the same thing:

They’ve given such a vague ETA to get people of their backs. So please be patient, and don’t bother iH8sn0w and winocm by asking for an ETA. When they’re close to releasing a jailbreak, they’ll let us know.

Meanwhile, the evad3rs team are also making progress with the iOS 7 jailbreak.

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Are you waiting for the iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 jailbreak? Let us know in the comments.

[Via iH8sn0w's blog]

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  • Lorena Fatima

    Aint nobody got time for that jailbreak IOS 7

    • Gautam

      evad3rs team is already working on it and making good progress:

      • andy

        If ios 7 jailbreak is coming out soon, does that mean we can downgrade using ifaith or redsn0w?
        Im currently running ios 7.0.2 and i really wish to downgrade but as for now there’s no way of downgrading :

        • jaydox

          if i were you i would use ifaith to downgrade to ios 6.1.3 and go with the semi untethered jailbreak from sn0wbreeze i done my iphone with firmware ios 6.1.3 ages ago and havent looked back my phone its hectik endless thing i can do

          • andy

            I don ‘t wanna jailbreak my ipod, i just want to downgrade it back to ios 6.1.3 because it is better, more stable, better performance :P and im running ipod touch 5th generation so i cant :(
            Would downgrading itunes the latest one back to 11.0 or 10.7 allow me to downgrade to ios 6.1.3 or still won’t work that way ?

  • seemebreakthis

    Dear god please give iH8sn0w strength to release the 6.1.3 jb asap…. amen

    • ant

      amen to that brotha

    • zaq

      hallelujah brother

      • bob

        praise jeebus

        • Theodore

          Thank god who has bestowed upon us this amazing man.

          • Rhett

            Also give him wisdom

          • jah pastafarai

            praise jah

          • Rhothgar

            Let him who hath wisdom reckon the number of the beast for the number of the iOS is 6.1.4

          • brudajumba

            praise and thank you based god

          • dozie

            HALLELUYAR praise this holy main SUSEJ

          • doobie


    • Jaden Levi

      Typical…praying for something that’s illegal.

      • Alan

        Looks like you’re misinformed. Nothing illegal about jailbreaking.

      • veladem

        Typical . . . Someone who is retarded and judgmental . . . Are you a Jahova? DOUCHE BAG :)

      • Cellaphonesha Foodstamp

        Way to go there Jesus police… Now you have everyone praying you contract AIDs by way of interracial anal rape! LMAO

      • Jagan Mohan

        We were praying to our dear lord Satan. Dumbass. And he really delivers.
        pretty presumptuous that only ur petty god gets all the prayers, aren’t we.

      • goblintim

        ITS called a jailbreak because the phone you bought with your money and you own is in prison illeagally, lol so lets bust our jailed buddys back to freedom the way the phone gods meant it to be :P

    • James

      amen man :D

  • Shiho

    I’m definitely waiting for 6.1.4 jailbreak for my iPhone 5

    • Sebastian Rasch

      I hope the same JB is gonna work as for 6.1.3. I actually think so, because 6.1.4 was a fart update. Nothing really changed.

    • Crafty1

      I neeeeed it !i!i!

  • Smailes

    ETA is before 2014, December 31st. And 6.1.x will no longer be signed by apple for installation.

  • Johnny

    At this point who cares. iOS 7 jailbreak is what’s needed.

    • Jimothy

      Some devices don’t get iOS 7.

      • Dude45

        I know right

      • Alex4921

        Or as in the example of the iPhone 4s ios7 runs crappily,I’m keeping my 6.1.3 thank you very much and waiting for the jailbreak.
        I can make it look like seen if I want but still keep the speed of six.

  • Steve

    zzzz jailbreak for 6.1.3 before 2014 it´s is worth nothing, jailbreak for 7.0/1 will properly be out before that

    • kaiwei

      ETA ios 7 jailbreak is probably in 2014 feb.

      • Guest

        By then a new version of the ios will have been released

      • stingray ray

        its already out dude

    • stingray ray

      the ios 7.X.X came out yesterday

  • Drusenija

    Assuming you’ve got 6.1.3 SHSH blobs, this might also allow people on the iPhone 4 to downgrade back to iOS 6 if the performance of iOS 7 is too slow for them.

  • Hatts

    Waiting on this jailbreak too.

  • AnonymousUser

    Please make an untethered jailbreak for ios 6.1.3

    • shadyguy

      You idiot.

    • theJazz

      You’re one of the reason why there’s no Hope for Humanity…

  • Gerry D

    snowbreeze has an unteathered jailbreak for 6.1.3 if you are running the 3gs with the old bootrom.I am running it as we speak.

    • The Hacker_09

      Yup, it will always be untethered (old bootroom)

  • lukas

    cant wait for the jailbreak for ipod 5th gen

  • Hello

    Won’t there be jailbreak for iPod 4g ?

  • Sum booty

    3GS user on 5.1.1 waiting for duh jb

    • The Hacker_09

      Already done, use Absinthe

  • Jail-break fan

    Allah please I beg you to release the jail-break for ios 6.1.4 untethered for iPhone 5 I am literally hating my iPhone right now and it sucks
    Please come up with it ASAP. And seriously though before 2014? Evaders will come out with 7 before that and I hate ios 7.

  • Ruck1707

    whats my benefit to upgrade from 6.1 to 6.1.4?

  • Alex4921

    So if everything but the Ipad is done why not release everything but the ipad 6.1.3 jailbreak?
    It’ll put this team way ahead of the competition and get them big publicity AND satisfy a lot of their userbase

    • Wayne

      they don’t release it simply because they want to cover the entire realm of devices on 6.1.3/4 before releasing a jailbreak. I agree it should be released, but at the same time you can’t rush perfection! ;)

  • brutus001

    does anyone know which version of itunes i should install to anticipate a 6.1.3 jb on an ipad 2? thanks for the hard work team. looking forward to a jb soon!

    • updatedtechnewseveryday

      itune 10.7 or below.newer than that will block u

  • Brett

    Unfortunately, their vagueness is causing more and more people to just update. There will be a tethered ios7 jailbreak before the 6.1.4 jailbreak. I’ll update to ios 7 if that happens.

  • Tony

    6.1.3 for my iPhone 3GS it was jailbroken on 6.1.2 but it broke and the shsh blobs on cydia had problems so. Have t use it on ios 4.1 and the sim doesn’t work with ios 4.1 for some reason (it’s an old iphone my current phone is a gs2)

  • Drvo

    Any ideas if this will also work for apple tv2 with 6.1.3 & 6.1.4 firmware which is currently a tethered jailbreak via seasonpass ?

  • posix dummy

    its apticket not shsh blobs

  • aGhost8u

    YES! I can’t wait till the jailbreak, I have iTouch 4th Gen and since it can’t update to ios7… this is the best option for jb XD

  • doozza

    if i’m on 5.1, is there any chance to manually install the 6.1.3 on ipad 2 GSM (w or w/o shsh blobs)?

    • Brett

      if youre on 5.1 dont update! were here bcus there isnt a jailbreak, youre here asking how to get yourself stuck in the same position?? go unt jailbreak nub

      • doozza

        The first sentense was enough, thanks

  • Mei ghou Feng

    We are waiting the JBU for 6.1.3 and hope it is coming soon

  • Gersi

    if i jailbreak my iphone 4 iOS 6.1.3 Baseband 4.12.05 i can unlock it for free ?

  • jack

    release the jailbreak for the other devices thaf are done and then do the ipad morons

  • jmsman

    it is much needed for sure ill donate if it will speed the prose up haha ;-)

  • studio666

    Looking forward to the freedom of choice that a jail broken 6.1.3 device will offer. Keep hacking.


    this is so dumb, stop talking about how you did it, just do it. Sponsored by nike.

    oh yeah go check out REDTUBE! IT’S THE NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

  • Dubtor

    Im counting on you boys….keep up the good work..

  • iphone is useless

    how come ? winocm said in 18 sep that it is a matters of days ?????
    they keep lying us !!!
    ios 6.1.3 is out since mar 2013 a 10 month with a useless phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to all of those s**pid that say i shouldn’t been updated to 6.1.3 they don’t understand nothing ! I just didn’t had a choose ! the phone break and i must had to fixed it… !!
    isn’t that sample to understand !

    • Your comment is useless

      How about appreciating their work?
      It’s not like they’re getting paid.

      • stingray ray

        lol you make me laugh they get payed by donations witch they make about 100k off of! dont you ever read blogs?

    • steve jobbs

      lets see u made the jailbreak

    • Waitin’ for jb

      RIP English

      • Cellaphonesha Foodstamp

        Hey, At least he’s trying and didn’t type it out in whatever jibberish he speaks natively… Nothing worse then hieroglyphic like nonsense in a comment post…lol

  • Timmyy

    Im waitinggg

  • bob

    can’t wait to jailbreak my ipod 4!

    • Jailbroken Pro

      Thers a tethered jailbreak for that lol (at least I think) on 6.1.3

      • jmann

        its dumb though. Too difficult

        • Battlesheep64

          Easy, find a ios6 ipsw, open redsnow, go in extras and select that ipsw and jailbreak your ios6.1.3 device. Easy, but tethered, that’s the problem, my ipod keeps rebooting for no reason every hour or so, which is fustrating while playing pokemon

      • stingray ray

        my ipod 4th is semitethered on ios 6.1.3

  • shiv

    dear guys
    can any one please tell me whether jail break for iphone 4s version 6.1.4
    was released or not.

  • Gareth Thomas

    is there a link for the 6.1.3 jailbreak?? .. desperate!!

  • Waitingforjailbreakguy

    Ipad 3 with IOS 6.1.3 jailbreak, COME ON!

  • lockitylock

    iphone 4s 6.1.3. baseband 3.4.03
    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelpppp already lol !!!

  • zzz

    Shit been announced since almost two months ago. If they want more followers while taking their sweet time doing nothing then they should release the jailbreak for the devices that are already done instead of working on the iPads which nobody cares about or uses.

  • edmlifestyle

    If your going to complain about how long the jailbreak takes, maybe you should contribute your time to help develop it.
    I’m sure that the developers have more important things to do in their spare time then develop a jailbreak for fucking greedy people.
    Let them do their work and stop harassing them
    Many of you would want to be harassed when your in the middle of something

  • Wincom©

    Apple user, thank you for being patient with us, Wincom administration and iH8sn0w occasionally check forums to see what the general public is demanding most. Our 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 unTethered unlock is taking longer than expected due to legal issues with Apple. Much of the coding from 6.1.2 to 6.1.4 was rewritten and re-encrypted, its about the same as developing an entire new unlock when we didn’t know what it was before. The ETA has been uploaded to our site with a timer for November, 2015 and we are hustling to bring this to you. Many programmers have gone to greener pastures with iOS7 and left us with fewer and fewer staff every day. Please be patient, we ARE making progress. In the mean time, for users with iOS 6.1.3 there is a Tethered unlock through redsn0w using 6.0.0 blobs that can be downloaded and we press that you persevere until we can get this unlock finished.

    • jman


      • Imposter

        It’s not legit I posted it as a joke

  • Ben

    Does anyone know 6.1.4 jailbreak release date?

  • samiam

    I am waiting. I still have a 3GS and am TORN on my next purchase. I’m just not certain I will stay with Apple. I planned on a 5 or 5s but am finding it eerily difficult to commit. But, while I mull it over, I would LOVE a jailbreak. I’m guessing that it will make it a lot easier to bust out the bucks if I’m currently using an iPhone as it should be used. I’m on 6.1.3 and I’m in hell.

  • tony

    hi, is there a jail brake for 6.1.4 yet ;-( iphone 5

  • Isuckkathy’sfriendnameP

    10/22 still no sign.

  • Left Angle

    A jailbreak for 6.1.4 would free every iPod 4th gen out here, so “yes” we need it… Sooner than later.

  • iFrank 4S

    if ih8sn0w release ios 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak so is it Possible to downgrade A5 dvices to 5.1.1 with SHSH?
    please answer my question in my gmail :

  • Lily

    Can’t wait for untethered ipad 6.1.3. Thanks in advance for all the hard work you guys put in it!

  • rld2k14

    hi, yes i want jailbreak ios 6.1.4 iphone 5 :D iH8snOw get the power !

  • haleluia


  • fan#1

    please release the ios 6.1.3 jailbreak

    • Jairo

      Everyone is waiting!!! Please make it happen. You’ll be gods!!!

  • prince don

    does any one know how to jailbreak iPod touch tethered i tried red snow but keeps getting stuck on uploading first stage tried every thing

  • paul

    love u guys keep up the good work

  • CJ

    Apple is soooo greedy im sure its taking this long cuz they really tried to make it hard to jailbreak.. And they did it for multiple reasons, but they all end in profit++:(

  • John A

    Waiting for months now

  • Dhruv Joshi

    If 6.1.3/6.1.4 already jailbroken plz release ….. Don’t like my iphone5 without jailbreak

  • Alison

    I’m waiting for the 6.1.3 jailbreak. iPhone 3GS, using the tethered jailbreak. in the meantime, if anyone can help me to unlock it, I’d be very grateful!!

  • Pleasemightyih8snow

    John 6.1.3, please mighty Ih8snow release this blessed jailbreak,ASAP, Amen

  • Honeybee

    Please hurry.

  • goblintim

    Patiently awaiting the 6.1.3 jailbreak :)

  • tim lester

    i need to jailbreak my 3gs