Apple to reportedly launch iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in India in October


Apple hasn’t yet announced a second wave of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c rollout to expand the availability of the devices in more countries, but it might do so later this month. According to a report in BGR India, Apple’s reportedly working on launching the two iPhones in India around October 25th.

From BGR India:

Apple is now preparing to launch the iPhones in an extended list of second wave countries, which are likely to be announced within a fortnight.

The India launch for the new iPhones was apparently revealed during a high-level meeting with some of the biggest retail chains in the country earlier in the week, where Apple also announced plans to increase its presence in the top 50 towns of the country. We do not have confirmation of the launch date, but October 25 is a date we have heard in the past and has cropped up repeatedly during conversations while confirming this report.

The second wave of rollout could be announced at Apple’s iPad launch event, rumored to be held on October 15th.

Last year, Apple announced an extended rollout of the iPhone 5 a week after the initial launch, but this time it hasn’t done so, possibly due to iPhone 5s supply constraints.

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