iPhone 5s supply declining in Apple’s U.S. Retail Stores


It looks like the availability of iPhone 5s is getting worse rather than improving. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reports that supply of iPhone 5s has declined in the US from 27% of total SKU’s available two weeks ago to just 6% over the past week.

The number of stores that had at least one SKU declined from 90% two weeks ago to 40% over the past two weeks.

According to Munster, Apple could be holding back some supplies for the second wave of rollouts. Apple announced earlier in the week that iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be available in over 50 countries by November 1st.

Apple Retail stores and other third party retailers still seem to be best option to buy iPhone 5s, as the shipping estimates on Apple’s online store still says October, which is quite vague.

Munster also reports that a 16GB iPhone 5s is currently selling at a 32 percent premium over its retail price, whereas the 16GB iPhone 5c is selling at an 11 precent discount over its retail price. To get some perspective, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which has been available for six months, is selling at a 12 percent discount over its retail prices. We expect the iPhone aftermarket prices, especially for the iPhone 5s to cool off when the supply can catch up with demand.

Meanwhile, we’ve some good news for people who ordered their iPhone 5s online. Reader Artem tell us that he is going to get his 16GB gold iPhone 5s (ordered on AT&T’s website) on Monday, which is two weeks before the estimated delivery date. Let us know if your iPhone 5s is also arriving early in the comments below.

Thanks Artem for the tip!

[Via MacRumors]