Launch Center Pro gets major update with iOS 7 redesign, Dropbox support and more


Launch Center Pro, the app that lets you create shortcuts for actions you frequently perform on your iPhone, just got a huge 2.0 update with an all-new design for iOS 7, new themes, a bunch of new actions, Dropbox support and a lot more.

Here are the release notes:

User Interface
– New icon and UI designed for iOS 7
– New themes available in settings
– New action icon styles and colors
– New group glyphs
– Ability to use photos as icons
– Ability to use web clips as icons
– Prompt labels

– Dropbox backup and restore
– Dropbox actions
– Action sharing and import
– Support for multiple prompts in a single action
– Externally launch actions (launchpro://?url=)
– Support for native Facebook and Sina Weibo actions
– Support section added to settings

Apart from the new features, Launch Center Pro also comes with a number of enhancements including improved inter-app communication, better contact search, and an improved actions composer.


Launch Center Pro is a free update for existing users, but if you don’t own the app already, you can purchase it for $4.99 from the download link below.

Download link:

➤ Launch Center Pro – $4.99