Microsoft releases Remote Desktop apps for the iPhone, iPad and the Mac


Microsoft rolled out Windows 8.1 to the public today. Along with the desktop OS, the Redmond company also released companion Remote Desktop apps for iOS and OS X. These new Remote Desktop apps allow you to connect to a PC and control it with your iOS device or Mac computer.

The Remote Desktop apps for iOS and OS X use the same Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that Microsoft has used to connect its Windows desktop machines with its server products. The iOS and OS X apps will be able to connect to any Windows PC that has the Remote Desktop option turned on in the Windows Control Panel.


The apps are designed for business users, allowing them to work remotely by giving them the ability to connect to their Windows PC. Home users may also use the Remote Desktop apps to control an in-house media server or connect to their home PC while they are traveling. Not surprisingly, the Remote Control works better on the larger screen of the iPad, while the iPhone version will get you what you need in a pinch.

The Remote Desktop app for iOS is available for free in the iOS App Store. The Mac version also can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.