Nike unveils Nike+ FuelBand SE with Bluetooth 4.0, additional color options

nike fuelband se

At an event in New York today, Nike announced the Nike+ FuelBand SE, which looks very similar to its predecessor, but comes with added color options and, of course, new features like Bluetooth 4.0, improved tracking.

The most important new feature of the FuelBand SE is the addition of Bluetooth 4.0, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy, which, as the name suggests, enables low-power data-transfers to the iPhone. (Every iPhone since the iPhone 4s comes with Bluetooth 4.0.)

Apart from this, other features include the addition of hourly reminders, which ask you to move around in case you’ve been stationary for too long, the ability to double tap on the band to show the current time, an updated app, and an improvement to the Nike+ system that tracks different types of activities more accurately. Nike has also improved the water resistance and flexibility of the band, leading to fewer cases where the device stops working after a few months of use.

Here’s Nike’s video for the FuelBand SE:

Nike’s FuelBand SE launch comes just a few days after Fitbit announced the Fitbit force, a similar wearable fitness device, with smartwatch-like features.

The FuelBand SE will be available for sale starting November 6th for $149.

Nike also announced that it will be launching the Nike+ Move app, shown during Apple’s iPhone 5s event, on November 6th. The app takes advantage of the new M7 chip to offer an “introductory” NikeFuel experience to iPhone 5s users. The app will be free to download from the App Store.

nike move iphone 5s

With the addition of the M7 motion coprocessor in the iPhone 5s, would you be willing to buy dedicated fitness devices like the FuelBand or the Fitbit Force?

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