Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a “tiny-screen” mode for one-handed usage


Apple gets a lot criticism for not releasing an iPhone with a bigger display like Samsung, HTC and other Android manufacturers. One of the main reasons for this was that increasing the screen any further would make it uncomfortable to use the iPhone with one hand.

Samsung, too, is aware of this problem, which is why the 5.7 inch Galaxy Note 3, comes with a special one-handed navigation mode that essentially shrinks the giant display window into a small area that can easily be used with one hand.

In many ways, this is the classic Samsung approach of doing things: Instead of making decisions for users, the company pushes out devices with a variety of options and settings, that users can themselves configure. Apple, on the contrary, makes decisions such that the end-user experience is up to the mark even for the average user who doesn’t want to spend time tweaking his or her phone to reach the perfect configuration.

This of course pisses a lot of us, which is why we like to jailbreak our iOS devices and tinker with the smallest of settings, but the reality is that we only form a small percentage of the half-billion strong iOS user base.

Here’s a video demo of the one-handed usage mode shot, which looks quite ridiculous:

We don’t think many users would even notice this mode, let alone start using it.

With the iPhone 5 going 4-inches, there were similar problems with iOS too, but Apple seems to have addressed some of these issues by adding a bunch of new gestures in iOS 7. The most important one is the swipe from left gesture that takes you back one screen, and serves as a much better alternative to the back button on the top left which takes quite a thumb-stretch to reach.

Tell us what you think about Samsung’s solution to the one-handed usage problems.

[Via Android Beat]