Simple tool to check iPhone 5s availability in multiple Apple stores

Earlier in the week, Apple relaunched its In-Store Personal Pickup option for the iPhone 5s that allows customers to check for availability of the new iPhone and buy it so that they can pick it up at their local Apple retail store.

If you’re in the U.S. then it is the best way to get Apple’s new iPhone as soon as possible, as the shipping estimates still stays “October” on Apple’s online store, which is quite ambiguous.

As as we had pointed out, the availability through the Personal Pickup option has also been very limited. If you want to look for availability for different colors or storage options then it is quite painful as you have select them each time and reenter your zip code.

Now an enterprising developer has created a simple tool that makes it very easy to check for availability of various models in multiple stores at once. All you need to do is enter the zip code, select the color and carrier from the drop-down and it will display the list of stores in that area, along with the availability for each of the storage options.


If a cell is green, it means that it is available for pickup. You can also click on the link for the store to find the address.

This is indeed a nifty little tool if you’re looking to buy then the new iPhone 5s. Developer Mordy Tikotzky says that the tool scrapes for the most up to date info.

So if you’re looking for a new iPhone, go to the iPhone-Check website and let us know how it goes in the comments.

[reddit via CNET]

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