Apple Online Store goes down ahead of possible Retina iPad mini launch [Update: It’s Available]


We were a little skeptical about news that the Retina iPad mini launch tomorrow, but Apple’s Online Store has just gone down, suggesting that the 2nd generation iPad may indeed go on sale later today.

Apple had launched the 2nd generation iPad mini with Retina Display and the faster A7 chip last month. However, it had said that the Retina iPad mini will be available only later this November.

Apple typically launches new iOS devices on a Friday, and issues a press release about the launch. We’re also yet to see reviews of the Retina iPad mini. So it seems highly unusual for Apple to launch a product this way and that too on a Tuesday, but it could be because supply of the Retina iPad mini is ridiculously tight as some reports had indicated.

According to Apple’s GSX website, the Retina iPad mini will go on sale in United States, Australia, China (Wi-Fi only), Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore. We’ve received reports that the Retina iPad mini is still not available in the retail stores in countries such as Japan and Singapore where it is November 12 already.

Retina iPad mini starts at $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, and $529 for the Wi-Fi+Cellular model.

If the Retina iPad mini does go on sale, it would be one of the strangest iOS product launches.

Thanks Dexxx for the tip!


Retina iPad mini is now available on Apple’s Online Store. Check this post for more details.