Apple finally releases Apple Store app for iPad, and it’s Gorgeous


Apple has finally released the Apple Store app for iPad.

Apple had released the Apple Store app for the iPhone almost 3 and half years back, and has surprisingly not been available on the iPad.

The app is quite gorgeous, and a great example for someone building an app for an online store. The iPad app sports an image centric design with smart use of gestures that allow users to effortlessly navigate through Apple’s Online store.

Mathew Panzarino of TechCrunch has an really nice review of the app, he writes:

Where things start to get interesting is the way that the app handles context on the individual item purchase page. When you’re presented with an item selection screen on the iPad, for instance, you’ve got color, storage and connectivity sections, as well as specs, box contents and warranty info. If you tap on a color, you see the color options in the right-hand pane (or top pane in vertical mode). Tapping on storage gives you a contextually aware pane on the right that explains the size choice and why you might pick one over another. The same goes for WiFi or cellular options.

The Apple Store app has been the most reliable ways to buys new Apple products. If you’ve an iPad, I doubt you will be using the website again to buy products and accessories from Apple’s website.

You can download Apple Store for iPad app from the App Store using this direct iTunes link. Unfortunately, the Apple Store app appears to be available only in the U.S. App Store. Please let us know if it is available in your country.