iOS 7.0.3 has Hidden Settings to override Animation speed and other parameters


A lot of people have complained that iOS 7’s app launch and unlock animations are too slow. While Apple doesn’t seem to have changed the speed of these animations in the following releases, the company has included a hidden settings view with options to configure animation parameters like speed, and physics related constants like mass, stiffness and damping factors.

The internal Settings were discovered by developer Hamza Sood, who has previously made similar discoveries revealing hidden gestures in iOS and more.

The internal settings show a toggle to enable slow animations, a slow factor that presumably controls the speed of these animations, and parameters to configure the physics-based spring animations.

With the hidden settings, Apple seems to be testing the perfect combination of these parameters to make the animations seem not very slow nor very fast, but we’re not sure when these tweaked animations would be available in a public release.

Of course if you don’t like the zooming animations at all, you can turn on Reduce Motion from the Accessibility settings, which uses a crossfade animation during app launches. Once an iOS 7 jailbreak is out, we can expect a jailbreak tweak to easily give access to these internal settings.

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