iPad Air launch experience and unboxing in Australia


Apple’s iPad Air is already on sale in select countries like Australia and New Zealand, which are among the lucky few that greet the new day long before the rest of world. Now that the iPad Air is out in the wild, photos and videos of the launch as well as the first unboxing clips are hitting the Internet.

Thanks to Ben Pasternak and Matthew Rogers, who had the #1 slot in line at an Australian Apple Store, we can get a first hand look at the launch experience and an unboxing of the retail model of the tablet. You can check out the video of the launch below and then scroll down a little further for the unboxing.


And if you are dying to find out, Apple didn’t pull out any surprises with the iPad Air. It’s packaged in typical iPad fashion with a white box, minimal packaging and tightly wrapped cables. Are you planning on getting an iPad Air today? Let us know in the comments.


[Via MacRumors]