iPad Air adoption 5 times higher than iPad 4 over opening weekend



The iPad Air’s thinner and lighter design, along with its upgraded internals, is indeed helping the company sell more full-sized iPads. According to mobile app marketing firm Fiksu, iPad Air adoption numbers were five times as much as iPad 4, and four times as much as iPad mini numbers in the opening weekend.

Within three days of going on sale, the iPad Air accounts for 0.75 percent of active devices as compared to 0.21 percent iPad minis and 0.15 percent iPad 4s in the corresponding period last year. One point that, however, might make this comparison unfair is that last year, the cellular iPad variants weren’t available from day-one of launch.

ipad adoption numbers 1

These estimates suggest that Apple’s initial weekend sales will be much higher than the three million units it sold in the first three days of iPad 4 and iPad mini availability.

Fiksu says its numbers are based on data obtained from millions of iOS devices that have Fiksu client apps installed.

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