iPhone concept with curved glass display

Rumors suggest that Apple’s working on an iPhone with a curved glass display that could be released in the second half of 2014. The folks at Ciccarese Design have a great concept of what a curved iPhone could look like, which was posted a while back, but is worth looking at given these rumors.

In line with the recent rumor, the concept shows the iPhone curving downward at the edges, with the middle section bulging outwards.

curved iphone 1 curved iphone 2
curved iphone 3

Apple has considered a curved glass design for the iPhone before too, but had shelved its plans due to high costs. It has even filed a patent for a technique to mold thin glass into bent or curved shapes. While Samsung and LG have already announced curved glass phones, it’s not exactly clear what utility does a curved screen provide, or why is it superior to normal screens.

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[via ciccaresedesign]