iTunes and FaceTime among the top 10 web services in North America


According to a recent report, Apple’s iTunes and FaceTime video chat service grab a significant portion of North America’s web traffic over fixed networks like your home or work Internet connection. iTunes lands in the middle of the top ten for aggregate and downstream traffic, while FaceTime sneaked its way into the top ten for upstream traffic.

The latest web traffic data from broadband service company Sandvine ranks all the web services that account for upstream, downstream as well as aggregate traffic. Not surprisingly, the big leaders in web traffic are Netflix and YouTube, accounting for more than half of all downstream traffic in North America.  iTunes grabs fifth place, accounting for 3.27 percent of all downstream web traffic in North America and 2.97 percent of the aggregate traffic. It is nestled in between BitTorrent and MPEG in downstream traffic and BitTorrent and SSL in aggregate traffic date.

While iTunes holds its own on the downstream, FaceTime is popular on the other side of the connection, climbing to ninth spot with 1.44 percent of upstream traffic. It trails Facebook’s 1.44 percent and edges out DropBox which accounts for 1.39 percent. The top web service on the upstream side was BitTorrent, with a whopping 36.36 percent share of the pie.

[Via MacRumors and AllThingsD]


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