Logitech’s PowerShell: Is this iOS 7 gaming controller any better than the Moga Ace Power?

Of the many new features in iOS 7, one of the most hyped has been support for game controllers. Yesterday, we shared a review of the first of such controllers to hit the market, the Moga Ace Power. According to TouchArcade, the $100 price tag is far too high, the build quality wasn’t up to snuff, and sadly, not a lot of games take advantage of the controller.

Does Logitech’s controller, the PowerShell, fair any better? The guys at Engadget recently went to Logitech’s offices to have a go with the PowerShell, and they came back with mixed feelings. The PowerShell seems to be of higher quality than the Ace Power, but the form factor makes plugging in your headphones kind of difficult. Where Moga’s controller also comes out ahead is support for trigger buttons, whereas the PowerShell simply emulates only the most basic controls.

Which should you buy? We feel that you shouldn’t buy either of these products because they scream first generation. There’s a reason Apple put a controller API inside iOS 7, and we think it has something to do with a new as yet to be announced Apple product. Maybe Apple is going to introduce their own controller, or several controllers, when they introduce the rumored A7 powered Apple TV next year? Maybe they’ll announce a new controller when they announce the iPad Pro?

We’ll have to wait and see, and for now that means keeping your wallet shut.

Update: One more thing, there’s a 1500 mAh battery inside, hence the name PowerShell. That’ll come in handy for long gaming sessions, but the caveats of the product still apply.