Tricked-out Toyota 4Runner SUV is controlled by an array of iPads [Video]


As part of its role in the SEMA auto aftermarket products trade show, Toyota held a competition that challenged teams to design the most creative custom vehicle imaginable. As reported by USA Today, one top entry came from Herbst Smith Fabrication, which outfitted a Toyota 4Runner SUV with not one, but five iPads.

Built with input from X Games star freestyle skier Simon Durmont, the 4Runner was designed to be a skier’s paradise with everything but the kitchen sink. Inside the SUV was a set of glove and boot dryers, a coffeemaker and a mountable grill. Three iPads were dedicated to controlling auxiliary functions in the SUV, like  the doors, music, windows and other interior settings. Even the lowering and opening of a retractable ski rack was under the control of an iPad. And it that wasn’t enough, two other iPads provided entertainment and navigation for the car’s occupants.