Apple starts including video trailers on App Store for select apps, starting with Clumsy Ninja


Ever since the App Store debuted in 2008, Apple let developers showcase their apps only through screenshots, but this could soon change as evidenced by the App Store page of newly launched iOS game Clumsy Ninja.

Along with the standard screenshots, Clumsy Ninja’s App Store page features a minute-long trailer for the game. The video trailer seems exclusive to Clumsy Ninja for now, but we could see this rolling out to all iOS and Mac developers in the future.

From MacStories:

The big news is, of course, the fact that Apple is embedding a video in the App Store, which has historically only allowed developers to include up to five static screenshots for their apps. Clumsy Ninja’s video opens the built-in iOS media player in portrait mode, and it features music playing in the background with no voiceover or custom App Store branding. It is, effectively, a game trailer on the App Store.

Clumsy Ninja is an iOS game that was originally previewed during the iPhone 5 keynote last year.

The trailer is only available via a special feature page for the app, and not through the regular page. To see the trailer, follow this link on your Mac, PC or iOS device.