App deals for today: Tiny Thief, Little Inferno, Machinarium and more

We have some great apps and games for you today that have gone free or dropped in price for a short duration on the App Store, including Rovio’s Tiny Thief, Little Inferno, Machinarium, and more.

Tiny Thief is an iPhone and iPad point-and-click puzzle game by the makers of Angry Birds, where you play a thief who has to outsmart opponents to complete six adventures. $2.99 → Free

tiny thief

Little Inferno HD is a 4.5 star-rated iPhone and iPad game, where you burn stuff in a fireplace to earn coins, with which you buy more things to run, and so on. $4.99 → $.99

Machinarium is an iOS port of the game that was originally released for the PC. Just like Tiny Thief, it is a point and click adventure game, where you solve puzzles and brain teasers. $4.99 → $1.99


Spanish – Speak and Learn Pro is a 4.5 star rated app for the iPhone to learn Spanish using images as aids. $9.99 → Free


EA’s mega sale on over 40 of its games continues today as well. Some of our picks:

And there are a number of other apps that went on sale for the holidays, but haven’t increased their prices yet. You can have a look at our Dec 20th edition of App Deals to check out these apps.